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Subject: You're invited! 👛 Pins Done-For-You every month so you can Crush it with Pinterest in 2022-2023 ready? ✏️💏


Okay, so I've been working on this idea for months, and I finally released it yesterday, so this is BRAND NEW and NOT in any other course. The only overlap is that I'm showing you the same best sellers, but the 🎀 PINS and the PLR PRINTABLES ARE Brand New! 🌼

=>Go see the ADORABLE Video Pins with chimes..I played this over and over (love it!)

This NEW Monthly Success Printables Club gives you the TOOLS to sell the best sellers every month + a PLR Printable you can resell and keep 100% of the profits (woo-hoo!)

Tired of PINNING your heart out (or wishing you HAD pinned consistently last year, but just never got
 around to it?)

I hear ya!

Tired of waiting months to see your Pinterest Pins Clicked on, subscribers coming in, and/or SALES?

I hear that too!

Then, THIS is your answer...

#relief - I want to be able to sit down and 15 minutes later fill UP my Pinterest with SIMPLE PINS that I know for a fact Pinterest LOVES!!!

Christopher Columbus would often say — 'You can never cross the ocean unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore. So, are ready to cross the ocean of Pinterest?🏝

Are you ready to CRUSH it with Pinterest in 2022 - 2023?🍭

Using Pinterest beginning in 2019 until today tripled my income that I was making at the time.

Tired of wondering what to pin? I gotchacovered.

Tired of pinning the WRONG thing? I gotcha covered.

Too Tired at the end of the day to make your own pins? I gotcha covered.

Wait, is this about PAID traffic! Nope...all FREE!!

Wow...what if you could take a pin (or more a day) and PIN the BEST SELLERS on Pinterest with YOUR AFFILIATE LINK?

you don't need a website
you don't need a blog
you don't need any fancy tech knowledge
you don't need a Facebook page
you don't need a Tiktok profile
you don't need an Instagram profile
you don't need to answer ANY questions to ANybody
you don't need to know HOW to make a Pinterest pin

Once I figured this out, I actually only worked for 15 minutes a day when we were all sick, or family members had doctor appointments, and I'm so very grateful.  THIS is exactly what I taught my daughter, daughter-in-law, and a few months ago, I sent to my youngest sister.

Why?  Once you have something to 🎀 PIN that you KNOW sells, it makes SO MUCH SENSE that you would want to do this EVERY MONTH!

Plus, you don't have to CREATE ANYTHING! I give you a list of the affiliate programs to sign up for, and you simply take the DONE-FOR-YOU Pinterest pins/videos, pop your AFFILIATE LINK underneath and upload to Pinterest!!!

Plus, you'll see a BRAND NEW Video (as of 6/21/22) to show you how to do this!

=>Go see the ADORABLE Video Pins with chimes..I played this over and over (love it!)

Doors opened this week!

Plus, you can ALSO download your 🛍 FREE PLR Pinterest Tracker Printable that you can RESELL or just use it for your own personal use...that's cool too and 

every month you'll get a BRAND NEW PLR Printable to resell and keep 100% of all the profits!

If you've been waiting, it's HERE (and a BIG Thank you to those who have already gotten this, look in the Member's Area - I appreciate you!)


Tired of trying to figure out this "internet stuff?"

I get it! I've been online for years, but it can make your head hurt with TOO MUCH INFORMATION!

So, I'm going to break it down....

If you want to make affiliate sales of printables and planners, you just need a SIMPLE PLAN:

#1 - Get your affiliate link

#2  - Make a pin

#3 - Pin it so that Pinterest LOVES your pin and shows it to thousands of people that LOVE printables and planners.

#4 - Watch your inbox for potential $$$ sales notifications.

Do this once a day for 60 days, and watch your Pinterest profile EXPLODE with views.

Need help with all of this?

Wish you could SEE the details?



#1 - You will get 10 Pinterest Pins that MATCH my best selling affiliate programs every month (you can download these 3 ways) = 30 NEW Pins a month!

#2 - Plus, YOU'LL ALSO GET The PDF of the Best Sellers On Pinterest that skyrocketed my income in the printables/planners niche that you can SELL by sending people to their shops!

#3 - Plus, you'll get a FREE Printable with PLR Rights every month to resell AS IS, and keep 100% of the profits!

#4 (Just added) Video training on HOW to PIN your New Pins! Woohoo! (and tips on the 3 top affiliate links to begin with - YAY!)

Finish your 2022 STRONG with FREE Traffic from Pinterest!!!

A new set of Video & Static (non-movable) Pins Each Month
MATCHED to the Best Selling Affiliate Programs that I found that tripled my income in 2020.

It's going to be SPECTACULAR.

PS. I want YOUR 2022 - 2023 to be the BEST YEAR ever in your online sales. You're not going to want to MISS this!

PSS. And it comes with quick bite-sized video trainings to show you a quick way to do this!

I'm having a blast showing you how to pin with animations and MUSIC!  It's going to be SO FUN~!

PSSS. Why am I so EXCITED about this? Pinning in 2020 to present CHANGED my entire business! My sales tripled (a heart-felt thank you to God for the skills and mentors I've had), so now I'm pouring it all OUT for you this year and 2023!


All Affiliate Pins Done-For-Me Every Month Matched To Best Selling Affiliate programs!


Now, if you want to get Pinterest Pins that MATCH my best selling affiliate programs every month, you can now sign up for a monthly Get All Your Pins Done-For-You Matched To Affiliate Programs

Sign up here that here and Doors Open WIDE Tomorrow!

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To Your Success, 

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"This is hands-down the best membership offer. I have for years been struggling not only how to pin, but what to pin and what affiliates to market. This is mind-blowing and a game-changer. Thank you Kristie for making life so much easier." Mary P.

Brand New pinterest sales funnel

Vendor: Kristie Chiles
Product: D

Launch Date: 6/30/22
Launch Time: 06:00 EST
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Niche: Pinterest/Canva Templates

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Simply Pin It PDF - How to Create Your Own Animated Pins

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Potential $125.50
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Plus, if you hurry...you'll also get 5 FREE PRINTABLES WITH PLR THAT YOU CAN RESELL AS IS!
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