Becky and I sat down to chat about how Becky is making income from her online shop and blog.

What? But How? 

Introducing.... the 

What if? You could make sales by simply uploading your gorgeous Pinterest pins?

And you don't have to worry about sales pages, or complicated email sequences...say whaattt???

Did you know that there are many, many bloggers and just PINNERS withOUT a blog, making income from pinning on Pinterest? You betcha!

Introducing.... the 


Private Sale: Price subject to double.

Brought to you by: Kristie Chiles  & Becky Beach- 
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WAIT! You don't want to wait months or even years to make your first Printable or Planner sales?

 (UGH, me either!!!)

You DON'T want to try to figure out another minute what people are loving and buying from Pinterest?

You don't want  to CONTACT group board members who may or may not answer you, while others are getting thousands of views with NO ADS?

Ugh! Me either!

You don't want to wait months or even years to get enough views to get new subscribers and potential sales for your gorgeous Printables and Planners?

Heck, NO!

You just want a thorough video Mastermind with 2 successful Pinterest pinners and who love and support their subscribers for crying out loud?

Then, THIS is PERFECT for you! 

So, here's your Easy-Peazy Plan of Attack:

1 - Watch the Pinterest Mastermind Video Case Study (33 minutes long chock-full of golden tips!)

2 - Make your Pin

3 - Upload it to Pinterest the way you see Becky describe it in the Masterclass Video (HINT: Becky gets 50 new subscribers and hundreds of weekly printable sales a week from doing this!) 

Be ready when your blogger customers visit your blog, or your Shop tonight! 
Hint: You can do this withOUT a Blog!

You have a life after all, and you just want to give a person what they are looking for, while paying your bills with your online sales from your hard work. 

We hear you...this is exactly what we do every day.  Now, it's your turn!

Download the PINTEREST 
plus 4 awesome Bonuses, and let's get started!

Now, you are about to begin on the same journey we've been on..and we are so thankful 
we did!

Our biggest mistake in the beginning?  We didn't know for certain what KEYWORDS would bring in thousands of free views and potential sales!

 But now you can learn from our road of sweat and tears, and be light years ahead of everyone else, by using these awesome Pinterest tips to get you thousands of views!

 #truth - You only really need at least one good pin to get you started to see how FAST Pinterest can bring you in visitors! It's a rush!

These are those luscious tips you see buried inside of EXPENSIVE courses ALL OVER Pinterest, but at a fraction of the cost with Tips and Keywords you can begin with tonight!

 $97, $87, $77, 67, $57 
$60 Off Only $37 For A Limited Time!

Here is a portion of Kristie's Earnings from making pins on Pinterest in 2020

And here's an example of Kristie's Pinterest pins:

and that's precisely what you'll get plus a boatload of FREE BONUSES too!

You'll Get Both Becky and Kristie in the Pinterest Masterclass Case Study Video!

What Othere Are Saying:

Heya Kristie,

Loved the video! So much so I got a shock when it ended!! 
(I didn’t want it to.....). 

You two are fabulous! I have so much homework.....Kat

Brand New training REVEALED:
Tired of struggling, wasting money and time making pins that only get a trickle of views and a few pitiful sales?
You don't have to!

Tired of paying for ads that don't bring you sales?

Nobody has time for that!

Tired of waiting months to make your first Shop/Planner/Printable/
Affiliate Sales?

You don't have to!

This is your answer...

#relief - I want to be able to sit down and 15 minutes later see my Pins get HUNDREDS of views, get NEW subscribers to my blog, my shop or my links...  

Before I create one more Pinterest Pin ....because I'm smart that way!! 


In this Masterclass, you will discover how Becky and Kristie are getting literally thousands of views within 12 hours of putting up a new pin!

We've spent HOURS scouring Pinterest and taking successful courses and downloading ebooks to find the BEST of the BEST tips that bring in visitors and SALES from our pins.

Now, you can discover those hidden-away PINTEREST TIPS AND KEYWORDS that nobody is talking about!

Plus, if you'll also get these awesome Bonuses To Keep As
 Thank You Gifts 🎁

Comes With 


#1 - Bonus - This 🍭Fun Printable To Help You Pin Your Printables

#2 - BONUS

#3 - BONUS

#4 - BONUS
Becky's Canva Templates

#5 - BONUS
How To Make Animated Video PINS With Canva

What You Will Get:  

(1) Pinterest Masterclass Case Study Video Masterclass (33 Minutes Packed With Golden Pinterest Tips)



(2) 12 Months Pinterest Pins To-Do Calendar

(3) 590 Little-Known Keywords Hidden Away but searched for by MILLIONS on Pinterest every month! Shhhh!

(4) - Notes from the Video Masterclass so you can READ these golden tips, or WATCH the VIDEO, or both!

(5) - Becky's Own Beautiful Canva Pinterest Templates

(6) - How To Make Gorgeous Animated PIN Videos With Canva

Note: Since these are instant digital downloads, there are no refunds, but these are yours to keep forever.

(Cart Will Say $47.00 when you checkout)

$97, $87, $77, 67, $57, $47


$97, $87, $77, $67, $57 $47
Only $37

This Pinterest Case Study is $50 OFF! So hurry..before the timer runs out on this Coupon.
Then, the price is subject to double.

Disclosure: None of these programs are a get rich program, nor do I believe in overnight success. I have worked for 11 years to get the results you see on these pages. I believe in hard work, integrity and developing your own skills if you want to earn more financially. As stipulated by law, I can not and do not make any guarantees about your ability to get results, or earn money with any of my products, or any product or service I recommend as an affiliate. The average person who buys any "how-to" product or course gets little to no results at all because they don't understand it, don't do the work, or any other unknown variables. Any references or examples used on any page you see represented here, or by text testimonial or video are used strictly for example purposes only. Your personal results will vary and depend on many factors, including but not limited to your personal background, your experience and your own work ethic. All business entails risk and massive consistent effort and guided action. If you are not willing to accept these terms, please do not purchase any products from this page. 
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