You'll get 1 2 (TWO) PDFS:

(1) 85 Extremely Funny Dog Sayings to ADD to your Tshirts PDF

(2) How To Upload Cute Graphic Images ONTO your tshirt to sell online PDF

Here's a FUNNY example of just one of 85 sayings:

"Before you open that gate, Ask Yourself...Am I Feeling Lucky Today?"

 Now, PUT that on a TSHIRT and watch what happens!!! LOL

.Before you open that gate, Ask Yourself...
Am I Feeling Lucky Today?

That's Just ONE of 85 FUNNY sayings you can use on your print on demand items..don't know what to put on your tshirts and mugs? No Worries. Just download these!

Q: Can I also use these sayings on Tshirts, Coffee mugs, Pillow cases, Journals, and other POD items? 
A: YES! No limit to what you can do with these!

Q: Can I use this for Tshirts, Coffee Mugs, Pillow Cases or Journals on shops other than Etsy? 
A:  YES! ANYwhere on the internet you please.
Yes, I would ALSO LOVE to ADD BOTH ⬅️the "Print Bubble Doggy PDF Cheatsheet (45 pgs with images to SHOW you)"
+ the BONUS ⬇️
 "85 Extremely Funny Dog Sayings"
 I Can Pop Into My Tshirts, Mugs or Journals (ANYthing that Prints)! 
=>So, that's 2 PDFS for the Price of Just 1!!!  
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